Stationary Designs

Stationary Designs

Porta-Safe even offers semi-permanent installations in the skid or trough design. Rather than worry about high voltage wiring issues, let our team take care of the design and wiring of your jobsite power distribution. This allows you to stick to what you do best, while we take care of what we do best. Call now to see how we can save you time and money while providing peace of mind on your next outage or turnaround.

  • UL / CSA / NEC Designs
  • Jobsite Lighting and Generator Distribution
  • GFI Protected Options

Our wide variety of stationary power distribution carts are custom made to meet your exact specifications. Contact our team of engineers to see how we can help with your semi-permanent power distribution panels.

Forklift or Eye Bolt Designs

Porta-Safe has a long history providing temporary power distribution across various industries. Leave the wiring and design to us, and focus on completing your outage or turnaround project.

Design Your Cart

Stationary Power Cart 1

Nuclear Application Wesco-Byron-w-Cam-Loks-Side-large

Stationary Power Cart 2

Four Wheeled Cart Porta-Safe-HD-RED-480-Skid-large

Stationary Power Cart 3

Four Wheeled Cart 4w_1

Porta-Safe develops custom solutions for shipyards that are designed to withstand the harshest coastal conditions while still being easily portable for moving around the job site!

Whether the work is being performed in confinement or not, Porta-Safe can be an asset to your team by reducing both wiring risk and man-hours. Call us to design a custom unit for your next turnaround!

Four Wheeled Cart EX-BYR 500 COM3R

Reduce your outage checklist by trusting Porta-Safe for your temporary power distribution needs. Our portable distribution carts clean up your jobsite by eliminating messy cable nests and their associated tripping hazards.

Four Wheeled Cart 4w_1

Short on electricians? Use Porta-Safe to reduce labor hours on your next construction or building project. We provide UL Certified portable power distribution, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your project. Safe, reliable, and durable temporary power for jobsites.

Nuclear Application 2-Wheel-Cart-w-Outrigger-large

Temporary power solutions for events, concerts, festivals and more! We help you get power where you need it for lighting, heating, sound, etc. Trust the experts in portable, temporary power distribution for your next event or concert.

Trough Stationary Design ts_8-large

Temporary power distribution for your next turnaround project. We offer solutions specifically for oil drilling platforms and refineries that save time and money during critical path projects all around the facility. Our temporary power transformer carts are safe and portable, call us now for more information.

Two Wheeled Cart 2w_2