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Major US Shipbuilder

Shipyard Welding Distribution Centers

Porta-Safe® 480VAC Welding Distribution units save man hours and fabrication costs in large Nuclear Ship Yards by locating power near the welding machines for plug and play use. These units are built to last, with a NEMA 3R weatherproof rating for extended outdoor use. Additionally, the lift eyes are connected to steel rods threaded all the way to the skid of the unit, providing unmatched rigidity and stability without significantly increasing the weight.

Shipyard Application shipyard_13

Nuclear Power Plant Outage Master

Heavy Duty (HD) Power Skid

Porta-Safe® 480/240/120 HD Power Skids are designed with heavy duty welded tubular frame with lift eyes, fork slots, and rolling casters for portability on job sites. These units are completely customizable, speak with one of our engineers today. We have no doubt we can design a unit to save you time and money while reducing electrical safety hazards.

Four Wheeled Cart EX-BYR 500 COM3R

Easy Input Power Feed for Nuclear Plant

Cam-Lok Power Cart

Porta-Safe® 600VAC Cam-Lok Power Cart uses cam-loks to receive the primary power input. This allows the unit to be moved frequently in a plant to where the power is needed.

Nuclear Application Wesco-Byron-w-Cam-Loks-Side-large

Heavy Duty Needs, Maximum Portability

Outrigger Style Cart

This unit was built for a power provider who needed a lot of power AND it had to be easy to move around the plant. That led to the Porta-Safe® Outrigger Cart! We were able to fit a 45 KVa transformer onto a 2 wheel cart, and used the 2 outrigger wheels for safe and easy mobility. Since the original design, this has become a common feature when high power demands meet the need to move around frequently.

Nuclear Application 2-Wheel-Cart-w-Outrigger-large

Weather Proof Designs for Shipyards

Trough Style Power Skids

Porta-Safe® has developed the Trough Style power distribution unit for versatile outdoor use for any weather conditions. These units utilize geometry and craftsmanship to keep out even the worst weather imaginable. Additionally, they have lockable swivel wheels so the units can be moved around with ease.

Shipyard Application WPS-Yellow-Trough-Angle-View-large

Power Plant Construction

2 Wheel Carts

We recently designed 10 of these units for use at a major facility construction project. The Porta-Safe® 2 Wheel Cart is developed for maximum portability. It is capable of holding a 10, 15 or 30 KVa transformer, providing ample flexibility to meet your specification. These particular units were used for lighting and hand tools before wiring was completed at the facility.

Two Wheeled Cart 2Wheel-Rail-Frame-Yellow-Side-large

US to European Converter Carts

Power Feed Converter Carts

The Porta-Safe® EURO Converter Carts were designed for a customer that needed to power European jobsite equipment (380VAC) with a US power source (480VAC). These completely eliminated the problem and was by far the most cost-effective solution available. We also have Canadian Converter Carts and can design something for your specification with ease, contact us now.

European Converter Cart

Heavy Duty, Small Envelope

Rail Style Power Carts

Porta-Safe® Rail Style Power Carts are designed to protect receptacles from impact while allowing 480VAC and 120/240VAC power distribution on either side of the cart. We developed these in conjunction with a long time customer operating a fossil fired power plant. These units are able to take a serious beating while still providing safe and reliable power where and when you need it!

Two Wheeled Cart 2Wheel-10-Kva-Rail-Style-Cart-large